Erotic Confessions

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The Smut Honey Podcast Ep 5
Erotic Confessions
Welcome to Episode 5 of The Smut Honey Podcast. Lynnea has an erotic confession about her former roommate’s boyfriend and talks about Lust which is one of her favorite things. There is some Jerk Off Encouragement, lots of orgasmic sounds and Mimi Fanny takes on the football team in her own erotic story. As usual, we have some music but never too much to stop the fun. Erotic audios of women moaning and more! And of course, some fun stuff as there is always something to make you chuckle. The Smut Honey Erotic Audio Podcast is a free program for adults only. It is recorded on a random schedule for naughty gentlemen who enjoy erotica. Every episode is intended to titillate and tease men.

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erotic audio
Smut Honey Podcast
Erotic Confessions
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